News Flash : 
The TEAM of Mr. Arunkrishnan S. and Ms. Noufiya N. has been declared as HEAM Parliamentarian 2017. They belong to Government Higher Secondary School, Anchal, Kollam District, Kerala...Congratulations. . . . The RASATANTHRANs 2017 will be declared on 16.12.2017. . . Nomination for   HEAM Scholar 2018 and HEAM Scientist 2018 starts soon.. . 

Association Diary

February 2017- Finalisation and release of first circular of HEAM scientist 2017

November 2016- Rasathanthra 2016

August 2016- Student awareness programme

April 2016- Colloquium from Dr. G.Vijay Nair, NIIST,Thiruvannthapuram

March 2016- Colloquium from Dr. C. G.Ramachandran Nair
February 2016- Science day programme

January 2016- Colloquium from Dr. K.N.Ninan,VSSC Thiruvananthapuram


November 2015 -HEAM scholar 2015 and HEAM scientist 2015

October 2015 -Release of HEAM scientist 2015 and HEAM scholar 2015 brochure, first circular

July 2015 -Rasathanthra 2015

May 2015 Finalization for conducting a workshop at IIT Delhi
March 2015 Consolidation of proposals for the National workshop
January 2015 Association with club activities at University of Kerala
December 2014 Sending reference materials and reports                  
November  2014 HEAM scholar 2014 and HEAM scientist 2014
September  2014 RASATHANTHRA 2014.
August 14 Finalization of a two days National Seminar on Hydrogen Energy and Other Renewable Energy Resources. It covers HEAM Scientist 2014.
June 2014 HEAM Parliamentarian 2014
May 2014 Finalization of HEAM Parliamentarian 2014
April 2014 Finalizing to support ENERASIA 2014, Global Energy Summit, Gujarat, India
March 2014 Inauguration of a new chapter of IAHEAM, at MANIT, Bhopal on March 24 2014.
February 2014 Charting to support a national workshop on Fuel Cell Technology at MANIT, BHopal.
Janary 2014 Sending reference materials.
Dec 2013 HEAM Scholar 2013 & HEAM Scientist 2013
Nov 2013 HEAM CAM 2013
Sept 2013 HEAM Parliamentarian 2013
August 2013 RASATHANTHRA 2013
June 2013 Drafting of RASATHANTHRA 2013 HEAM Parlimentarian 2013
Feb-May 2013 Sending of referance materials
Dec 2012 HEAM Scientist 2012 & HEAM Parliamentarian 2012
November 2012 Finalizing HEAM Parliamentarian 2012
October 2012 Finalizing HEAM Scientist 2012
October 2012 HEAM CAM 2012
September '12 Drafting: HEAM Scientist 2012: National Meet of Young Scientists of HEAM: Young Scientist Award 2012.
August 2012: Finalization of National Workshop on Characterization of Advanced Materials HEAM CAM 2012.
July 2012: RASATHANTHRA – 2012
June 2012: Finalization of event proposals of 2012
May 2012: Finalization of RASATHANTHRA – 2012
March 2012:  Approval of HEAM Scholar Letters to be published under News & Views section of  Int. J. Hydrogen Energy
March 2012:  HEAM Scholar 2012
February 2012 Financial support from International Association for Hydrogen Energy
February 2012 Recognition of IAHEAM as a chapter of International Association for Hydrogen  Energy
February 2012 Active release and communication of the website
January 2012 Message from Prof. T.N. Veziroglu, for recognition and encouragement
January 2012 Official release of the website.
December 2011 Formal Registration of IAHEAM
November 2011 Rasathanthra 2011
November 2011 Applied for formal Registration
 October 2011 Finalization of Bylaws and other constitution
October 2011 Formal Meeting of the Executive committee
September 2011 Applied for permission for registration and formal establishment of the association  from University of Kerala
September 2011 Applied for recognition and support from International Association for Hydrogen  Energy
August 2011 Support from various academic/research Institutions across India
July 2011 Preliminary meeting for formal registration of the association
2010 – 2011 Conducting of general events and meetings

Upcoming Events

  • HEAM Scientist 2018 : National Meet of Young Scientists of Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials

    A National Meet for Young Scientists of Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials. This Meet covers the ceremony of
    HEAM Scientist 2018 and HEAM Scholar 2018 on 5 & 6th March 2018.
    Venue: Department of Chemistry, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Final Brochure will be available shortly.
    Download Brochure (Model) : PDF

  • HEAM Scientist 2018

    A national level contest of young scientists working in the field of Hydrogen Energy and related Advanced Materials. Cash Award: Rs. 60,000. Final Brochure will be available shortly.
    (Model) Nomintion Form :
    DOC | PDF |

  • HEAM Scholar 2018

    A national level contest of young scholars working in the field of Hydrogen Energy and related Advanced Materials. Cash Award: Rs. 15,000. Final Brochure will be available shortly.
    (Model) Nomintion Form :
    DOC | PDF |


    A national level quiz competition cum students workshop for science and engineering graduate students from national institutes / Universities. (RASATHANTHRA 2017 : 8th Edition).
    Dec 16 2017. Venue: SB College, Changanasseri, Kottayam District, Kerala. Brochure: DOC | PDF

  • HEAM Parliamentarian - 2017

    A national level dabate competition for school students to create awareness about Hydrogen Energy.
    Date: Dec 7th, 2017.
    Venue:StJohn's College, Anchal, Kollam District, Kerala. Brochure: DOC | PDF