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"We focus and tune young and future scientists on Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials"

Welcome to the Official Web Site of IAHEAM

Indian Association for Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials (IAHEAM), a premier professional registered society, aims to play a catalytic role in ushering advanced materials for energy applications. The society brings academicians, scientists, industrialists, students, teachers and policy makers on a common platform for the advancement of science, technology, education, public awareness and policy making relevant to Hydrogen and other forms of Energy. Specific areas of focus include Hydrogen production, storage and transport, Fuel Cells, Energy Storage Devices and related advanced materials. Major activities of the society includes preparation of learning materials, organizing research programmes, and conducting invited talks, seminars, conferences, quiz competitions and colloquiums for different age groups. IAHEAM derives its membership from premier educational institutions, universities, research laboratories, R&D organizations of repute and other professionals and industrialists, in the field of energy research, in India and abroad without any membership fee. We join other like-minded groups and individuals who are working for the same cause, all over the world. The main objective of IAHEAM is to focus and tune young and future scientists on Energy and Advanced Materials by giving a special emphasis on Hydrogen Energy. IAHEAM acts as a common platform for young students including school children to interact and to explore joint multi-institutional research projects. Empowering the budding generation of the country with the knowledge of energy research to bring out a historic transformation in the global energy scenario is an important mission of the association.

Important events

One of our features include organizing five important events yearly targetting different age groups.

HEAM Parlimentarian of the year

Students Hydrogen Energy Parliament. A school level debate competition to create the awareness about Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials [Exclusively for school students].

Rasathanthra of the year

A National Quiz Competition for Science and Engineering Graduate students on Hydrogen Energy and Other Renewable Energy Resources.

HEAM-CAM of the year

A national workshop on Characterization of Advanced Materials contributed by eminent scientists / Professors from various national research institutions.

HEAM SCHOLAR of the year

A National Competition for Research Scholars (preferbly doing Ph D) on Hydrogen Energy Projects (A national level competition to explore future Hydrogen Energy scientists from colleges, universities & other academic/research institutes).

HEAM Scientist of the year

A National Competition for Young Scientists of Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials: HEAM Young Scientist Award.

Upcoming Events

  • HEAM Parliamentarian 2021

    A national level debate competition for school students to create awareness about Hydrogen Energy.
    Date: 28th December 2021
    Venue: Online Platform
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  • HEAM Scholar 2021

    A National Meet for Young Scholars of Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials
    Place and Date will be confirmed soon.