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HEAM Scholar letters in IJHE

HEAM Scholar Letters in Int. J. Hydrogen Energy

IAHEAM in association with the Young Scientists Division of International Association for Hydrogen Energy encourages the young researchers / Research Scholars working in the field of Hydrogen Energy and related Advanced Materials, any where in the world, to submit their innovative research content of their work / idea/ proposal/ enlightened result/ achievement/views on a recent news etc in the form a Letter (a small article). After a preliminary evaluation the letter will be reviewed by two reviewers. The worthy letters will be finally approved by Prof. T.N. Veziroglu for its publication under the News & Views section of ‘International Journal of Hydrogen Energy’.

Being a Scholar, Why can’t you send a Letter / draft to get an idea for further modification? and

Upcoming Events

  • HEAM Parliamentarian 2021

    A national level debate competition for school students to create awareness about Hydrogen Energy.
    Date: 28th December 2021
    Venue: Online Platform
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  • HEAM Scholar 2021

    A National Meet for Young Scholars of Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials
    Place and Date will be confirmed soon.