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Covid relief: The Association plans to organize all its routine activities in the coming days . . . . 


IAHEAM was established with the idea of bringing academicians, scientists, industrialists, students, teachers and policy-makers on a common platform for the advancement of science, technology, education, public awareness and policy-making relevant to Hydrogen and other forms of Energy. Although it was instituted by keeping Hydrogen Energy as the main focus, the objectives have been widened to all other forms of energy and its applications by considering the ever-increasing importance of energy education and national energy policy.

  1. To develop energy awareness among common public and to encourage them to save energy. It is also envisaged to increase awareness on economy, safety, distribution, use, management and development of advanced materials for energy applications.
  2. To foster and promote education and research on energy in terms of generation, processing, transportation, storage and utility by giving prime importance to Hydrogen energy. Also to encourage the development of advanced materials for energy applications and thereby to play a catalytic role to move towards the set goal in the National Energy Policy.
  3. To engage exclusively in scientific and educational activities specifically, but not limited to, promoting and fostering the exchange and dissemination of information, ideas and knowledge relating to all branches of energy, functional materials and nanotechnology, and thereby to promote professional and public education in all these areas. The goal is envisioned to achieve through regular scientific meetings, symposia, seminars, workshops and also by organizing training programs for students, researchers and professionals in all these areas.
  4. To advocate and help in the design and development of suitable curriculum for junior and senior students of academic institutions by keeping energy and energy related materials as the main focus.
  5. To disseminate knowledge in the field of energy and related materials to the people of all age groups by publishing brochures, posters, periodicals and journals. It is also intended to launch an exclusive website for the association and thereby to keep the activities alive through regular updates on important news, notices, events, competitions etc. and also by conducting online courses and webinars.
  6. To create a common platform for Industrialists, Technologists, Scientists, Scholars, Students and others to meet and foster the advancement of Energy research by sharing the thoughts on economy, management, development and commercialization of advanced materials for energy applications. It is also envisioned to develop multi-institutional collaborative research projects on Advanced Materials for Energy Applications through IAHEAM members.
  7. To establish an institution with the areas exclusively aligned with objectives of the association and to nurture the energy research by gathering the opinions of people from all walks of life. It is also planned to articulate science education, research and recent developments in science and technology to common man through periodicals of international standard and thereby to reduce the gap in communicating scientific ideas to public.

Upcoming Events

  • HEAM Parliamentarian 2021

    A national level debate competition for school students to create awareness about Hydrogen Energy.
    Date: 28th December 2021
    Venue: Online Platform
    Download Brochure

  • HEAM Scholar 2021

    A National Meet for Young Scholars of Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials
    Place and Date will be confirmed soon.