News Flash : 
Covid relief: The Association plans to organize all its routine activities in the coming days . . . . 

Supporters from YS Division of IAHE

Paola Artuso : Chair of the YD-IAHE
Ben Bladergroen : Vice-Chair of the YD-IAHE
Annalisa D’Orazio : Secretary / Treasurer of the YD-IAHE
Valeria Valitutti : valued member of the YD-IAHE
Matthew M.  Mench : Special supporter;

Upcoming Events

  • HEAM Parliamentarian 2021

    A national level debate competition for school students to create awareness about Hydrogen Energy.
    Date: 28th December 2021
    Venue: Online Platform
    Download Brochure

  • HEAM Scholar 2021

    A National Meet for Young Scholars of Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials
    Place and Date will be confirmed soon.